This is a list of some of the records and recordings that I have been involved in either producing, mixing, or engineering.

Deep Sea Diver - Secrets - Produced, Engineering, Mixing

Sherwood - Some Things Never Leave You - Produced, Engineering

Zach Bolen - 1001 - Produced, Engineering, Mixing

Deep Sea Diver - Always Waiting - Produced, Engineering, Mixing

Zach Bolen - Zach Bolen EP - Produced, Engineering, Mixing

Dan Phelps - Death Under Rainbows - Engineering

Dutch Hare - Dutch Hare - Produced, Engineering, Mixing

Deep Sea Diver - History Speaks - Engineering, Mixing

Dan Phelps - Death Under Rainbows - Engineering

Wayfarer - The Holly and The Ivy EP - Engineering, Mixing

Wayfarer - Sing My Welcome Home - Engineering 

Clare and the Reasons - KR51 - Drum Engineering

Divine Fits - A Thing Called Divine Fits - Backup Vocal Engineering

Arsenal - Lokemo - Vocal Engineering

Arsenal - Furu - Vocal Engineering

Barcelona - Absolutes - Engineering

Additional Clients Include:


Johnny Whitney

Kris Orlowski

Nate Cole

Paper Route

Pawn Shop Kings